Defend Defend Can I rely on IZEO to defend me whenever a problem arises and I need help?
IZEO Defend
Inform Inform I am self-employed. Can I just pick up the phone and call IZEO for a practical and clear answer if I have a question?
IZEO Inform
Protect Protect In my job I can expect all sorts of things. But who will protect me when a roof tile comes down on my head?
IZEO Protect
Connect Connect Self-employed does not mean solitary! Will IZEO offer me a network that inspires me and enhances my development?
IZEO Connect
Advantage Advantage I am looking for an organization that offers advantages for my company as well as for myself. What advantages does IZEO offer me?
IZEO Advantage

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Attacks on 22nd March 2016 in Brussels: the self-employed show their concern and support.

22/03/2016 - Prises de position d’IZEO Brussels, 22nd March 2016.   IZEO is an organisation that provides a focal point, representing self-employed workers and managers... Read more

La réforme des pensions pour les indépendants.

25/09/2012 - Informations socio-juridiques Nouvelles conditions pour la pension anticipéeDans l’accord du gouvernement du novembre 2011, le gouvernement a annoncé plusieurs mesures pour... Read more
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60' chrono: comment (re)faire du cash ?

10/09/2014 - 08:00 to 09:00 En 60' chrono vous découvrirez les 10 trucs pratiques pour faire rapidement du cash. Découvrez le programme... Lire la suite

Soyez le héros de votre projet !

20/03/2013 - 11:00 to 12:45  IZEO vous invite, en partenariat avec Start Your Business à une Table Ronde exceptionnelle pour starters, indépendants et chefsd’... Lire la suite
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The self-employed, professionals, SME company managers

IZEO is an organization that unites you, represents you and defends your interests! IZEO gives advice, protects you and sees to it that you succeed!

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Discover every month an exclusive interview with an independent

Jean-Luc Fonck

Jean-Luc Fonck has been a fascinating author, composer and performer for over 30 years!With his humour he puts a smile on the faces of his loyal fans... Lire la suite
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IZEO is an independent interprofessional organization

IZEO's main goal consists in to promote entrepreneurship and defend the self-employed and SME company managers.

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